Acceptance Ministries, Inc.

"My grace1 is all you need. Only when you are weak can everything be done completely by my power..." (2 Corinthians 12:9 ERV2)


About Us

About Us
A Short History

We would like you to know a little about the people and the history behind the ministry.

This ministry got started because an occupational therapist obeyed God and wrote a letter to the church next door to the facility where she worked. "You are right next door, why arenít you here?" The pastor had always wanted to reach the people there but did not know how to go about it. He responded to her letter immediately. Within a month the church was sending a team weekly to conduct a Sunday School class. Terri Eubank joined the team in August of 1980, after graduating from Bible college. By Christmas Pastor Eubank was doing all the teaching.

As residents moved they would invite Pastor Eubank to their new home(s). Invitations also came in from staff members at other homes. Presently Pastor Eubank is teaching in fourteen homes and often teaches in churches.

Our Board of Directors

The board of directors of Acceptance Ministries acts as Pastor Eubankís accountability team.
Chief Executive Officer Karen Delzer (who is blind) is executive coordinator for EYE-DAS (Eye Diseases Are Serious) a small non-profit corporation that assists people who are coping with vision loss.
Secretary Barbara Smith  is a home shooling mother and a partner in her husbands photograpy business. 
Member Kelly Choo is a lay missionary who lives in Mexico.
Chief Financial Officer Gerry Hawkins is a retired aerospace manager, Presbyterian Elder and lay prison minister.
Chief Operating Officer Terri Eubank (who has cerebral palsy disabilities and is legally blind) is a Foursquare pastor.

More About Pastor Terri Eubank

I took the world by surprise and arrived two and a half months early.  Weighing in at a whopping 2 pounds and 14 ounces,  I was immediately placed in a pure oxygen incubator and stayed there for my first 5 weeks of life.  I left the hospital at 2 months and 2 days old.  Being born so early my brain did not get enough oxygen and that has left me with mild Cerebral Palsy (brain damage) and dyslexia.  The lungs and eyes are among the last things to finish their development.  So when the brain was getting the air it needed the oxygen damaged my eyes.  One eye is blind and the other has vision of 20/400.  This means that what I see 2 feet away a person with 20/20 can see 40 feet away.  However I am thankful for what I have.  Even this limited vision makes it possible to read what I must and although I have a pronounced limp, I am able to walk long distances when necessary.  I am also thankful for life itself, because my chances for survival at birth were said to be about  55%.

I found the Lord at the age of four.  Since I did not walk until I was two and half, I learned that people are not always going to be there when you need them, but Jesus never fails. 

As a child I went through all the teasing and taunting that just about every disabled child goes through.  However God gave me a cure-all.  When the other kids would tease me, I would say, "Maybe I am whatever but I am  glad you are not whatever." For example, if someone teased me about my limp, I would say, "Maybe I do have to walk funny but I am glad you donít have to walk this way." The person doing the taunting did not know how to handle that.  They often walked away dumb founded.  I have also experienced rejection as an adult. It is a little more subtle.  Rejection is to be ignored or excluded.  I know that God has a purpose in this.  It keeps me aware of the hurts that my students are feelings.

Because of being premature, I was slow to mature emotionally, so I was held back a year in school.  Because of the dyslexia I struggled in spelling.  School was not an easy thing for me, but I kept trying.  This gives me compassion for the struggles of my students.  I graduated from high school with a 3.0 average and then went to Bible college. 

God sent another student who was my tutor all four years.  I was proud to graduate with my class.

While in Bible college I started teaching children who had disabilities.  After graduating in 1980 I continued in this type of work.  I was the first Foursquare Pastor licensed and the second one to be ordained specifically to work with those who have disabilities.  Teaching them has been one of my greatest joys. 

At this point in time, this ministry is my life.  I can see why God allowed me the disabilities that I have.  They have given me the insight to work with people who have disabilities and to write curriculum for others to use in teaching them. My hopes are that you can be encouraged by my experience. We also want to be an encouragement to you through the experiences of others which we love to publish in our newsletters to appreciate the true value God sees in allowing disabilities. 

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Our mission is to help people with disabilities to get as close to Christ as they can and do all they can for others in service to Him. We mentor and train people with disabilities and equip those who are called as teachers and mentors.